About Us

We’re done with catchy but meaningless PR-speak.

We don’t use a daft phrase or made-up words to describe what makes us different to the next video production agency.

What we do have, are a close team of creative professionals based in Nottingham, that are passionate about helping others. At ORANGE SOUL we are equal parts video production company and communications specialists. We’re all about capturing the vibe, the shot, the look and feel that’s in your mind. With so many channels and platforms for people to watch and listen to new content, it can be harder than ever to stand out from the crowd. We believe individuals, brands and organisations need to embrace the culture that they’re trying to engage; work with it – not against it. By understanding your vision and the culture within which you work, let us help you to develop your videos and Ad campaigns into something truly memorable, that people will want to talk about and share with their friends and family.

Meet Our Founders

Simon Brown

Creative Director

Simon also works for the Royal College of Music and the Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies. He's an Honorary Associate with The Open University and an Associate Lecturer, teaching their courses throughout the UK, whilst working towards a PhD at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.

Having performed across much of the UK in addition to Europe and the US, his involvements have included studio, television and orchestral work. He’s performed double bass with the COMA Ensemble and the Nottingham Symphony Orchestra, and in 2010 was accepted as part of the official Warwick Basses endorsing artists programme.

Usually found behind a camera or an editing suite, Simon’s eye for detail and tech-wizardry can transform the simplest of briefs into the most engaging content. Combined with his experience within the music industry, he thrives on working with every client to achieve the perfect look and feel that is at the heart of Orange Soul.

Laura Spencer

Creative Director

Laura achieved a degree in Video Production and Communication and has worked alongside a world-leading commercial retailer managing communications and multi-million pound projects for over 10 years.

In addition to her business experience, Laura also trained professionally at the London College of Music and Trinity College London, and has taught singing for over a decade. Her performance involvements have included numerous recording sessions in the UK and Los Angeles and she has performed at prestigious venues such as the Albert Hall, the Theatre Royal, Nottingham & Broadway Theatre, London. She is also the Principle of one of the UK’s largest network of performing arts schools.

Orange Soul is the perfect place for Laura to bring her business knowledge and creative flair together and work alongside the client to provide the perfect solution for them.

As is customary with all Creative Agencies, we have two further very important team members that help greet clients, generate ideas, knock things into touch and generally entertain us! Meet Ella and Vito:


Sofa-goat and Polar Bear Impersonator

Ella's an Italian Spinone. She loves soft toys and to act dopey just to gain your affection. If permitted, she'll often sit on any part of you (commonly known as the Spinone-lean). She's probably the best four-legged footballer we've come across but can't catch a ball for toffee!


Professional Snuggler

Vito is an Italian Greyhound. He loves sleeping, playtime and cats but dislikes doing as told and walks in the cold. He's the fastest thing on four legs, knows a trick or two to impress and is always ambitious with carrying any size stick!